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The Best Underwear For You, Ladies!

Currently there are a variety of women's underwear in the shape, color, and materials. Of course as a woman, there is a great temptation to buy a variety of reasons such as bored with the existing, future husband want to look nice, or because of the color that we've been missing. What about the health reasons? Has it ever crossed your minds of buying lingerie for health reasons? Well, in fact, the best fabric for women's health is a vital tool cotton, and here are the reasons :
  • Cotton has large pores so that the air can be in and out when you wear it well
  • Cotton absorbs sweat easily dry so damn miss v area we did not experience more moisture
  • Cotton is very friendly to the skin, so it does not cause skin irritation such as that can be created by materials such as satin
  • Cotton is not hot so it does not cause perspiration which can cause odor and vaginal discharge
  • Cotton is the material recommended by doctors especially gynecologists for women who have complaints against them miss v.

Ladies, it seems obvious what material is best not to your miss V. Not what have the underwear with different materials and with a unique model, but remember to use it at any time. Daily use especially for those who actively work or sports, you should wear cotton underwear. In addition to comfortable, also good for the health of our v miss. Stay healthy, ladies!

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