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Grillz, the New Fashion for Teeth

Justin Bieber wears gold grillz

In hip hop culture, a grillz (also front or golds) is a type of jewelry worn over the teeth. Grills are made of metal and are generally removable. They began to be worn by hip hop artists in the early 1980s, and upgraded during the 90s in New York City, but they became more widely popular during the mid-2000s due to the rise of Dirty South rap and the more mainstream pop culture status Hip Hop attained. Though grillz are fitted to the tooth impression of the wearer, for showing they are rich persons.

Milley Cyrus wears gold grillz
Katy Perry looks wearing grillz on the red carpet of MTV VWAs Awards
Hip Hop Stars wear Grillz

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Maria Anna Ramirez said...

Grillz are good when it is not used daily. Grillz and dentures are hugely different so be sure to know the difference and know which to use daily and which to use on special occasions. So opt out to a stylish affordable for sale grillz and don't be worried of your lavish purchase.

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