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Refrigerator Pants from Korean

Who doesn't know that now is the season for the South Korean fashion because it is considered very fashionable and their style become role models in the Asian region. They have managed to popularize blazer, neon colored skinny jeans, shoes with wings, lightning-shaped plastic earrings and shoes converse platform. Now, women are fond of Korean middle pants called pants refrigerator.

These pants are considered as one of the hottest fashion trends in Korea. Because in the summer as it is now, pants with function "cooling" is valuable. Refrigerator pants most desirable women living in Seoul and Busan.

But don't think that these pants have air conditioner in the back. Because these pants are actually basically similar to regular trousers. It's just a little baggy pants are made at the top, and tapers at the end.

These pants are made of a wrinkle-free polyester fabric thinner and lighter. Because it is made with a thin and lightweight fabric, the wearer feel "cool" at the same time protected from the sun could be bad on the skin. Perhaps, this Korean-style refigerator can be likened to the material negligee in Indonesia.

Fun, these pants are made with a more fashionable style. Various motifs that were presented include diamond and tribal patterns. The colors were a combination of bright colors.

Apparel retail stores and online stores will also flooded with orders these pants. In the summer, the demand for cooling pants jumped up 95 percent over last summer.

Wow wow wow! Do you have?

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